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Crenshaw Doors & Windows: Local Dealer of Marvin's Windows and Doors

Check out our new commercial for Crenshaw Doors & Windows the local dealer of Marvin's Windows and Doors!

Crenshaw Lumber Co. has grown extensively since its inception in 1949. Initially serving framers and contractors in Los Angeles, its continued professionalism helped the company grow into a Southern California destination for quality building products and services.

The expansion of Crenshaw Lumber Co. included the company branching out into different divisions, including Crenshaw Hardware and Crenshaw Doors & Windows. Dave Stearns, a Western Window Systems representative who works extensively with the latter, feels strongly about the union.

"They exemplify what it means to be a true partner," he says. "The sales team is not only professional, but friendly. They do a great job of promoting our brand and they embrace our indoor-outdoor lifestyle." Stearns goes on to add how much he loves taking clients to Crenshaw's showroom in Gardena while working with staff to satisfy end users.

For Eric Blanc, a Crenshaw Doors & Windows outside sales representative, the feeling is mutual. "I am 100 percent satisfied with Western's products and customer service," says Blanc. "This is a company that's growing and continuously produces outstanding products."

The Series 980 Pivot Door is a Western Window Systems product Blanc loves. "The hardware is amazing, the width and functionality are impressive, and the look is modern," he says. "Western's doors and windows have always worked very well for our customers."